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Did your home sustain damage by the last big storm?

Storms damages can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare, with your roof representing one your biggest home investments.

Your roof is essential to protecting your home from from wind, rain, hail, lightening strikes, snow or debris, as well as insulating your home throughout the changing seasons.

If your roof is damaged , it's important to act fast and call a professional roofer to assess the damage and minimize the need for additional repairs.

A professional roofer can help you spot roof spot damage such as:

  • Wet Spots on the Ceiling

  • Missing or Damaged Shingles

  • Discoloration or Dented Shingles

  • Missing or Damaged Gutters

  • More...

Next steps are critical after a storm to ensure your family is safe and secure.

At Advantedge Roofing we take your family's safety seriously, and will help to make sure you are not at risk of any downed powerlines, flash floods, or other dangers before proceeding with repairs.

We always recommend hiring a professional for that requires actually stepping foot on the roof, so be sure to hire your trusted roofing contractor ASAP after storm damage to mitigate current and future damage.

With over 30 years of experience, AdvantEdge Roofing can handle any roof repair for your commercial or residential needs.

Contact us for your FREE estimate now.

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