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About Us


A Personalized Approach

AdvantEdge Roofing and Construction is a family-owned business founded by Randy Chiakas who has over 30 years of experience.

They deliver quality Residential Roofing, Gutter Maintenance, Chimney Repair & Snow Removal Services for homes and businesses throughout Chicago and the greater metro area.

The majority of their business comes from referrals. When that happens, you know they're doing something right. When it comes to your home, your family, your roof, they have you covered.

Knowledge & Workmanship

To do a great job you must skillfully apply up-to-date accepted roofing practices.  Randy takes pride in doing just that by attending workshops to learn about the newest and latest improvements in roofing products and techniques. He takes this knowledge and expertly analyzes every job, whether it's a complete tear-off and a new roof application, or repair.  Randy gets to the underlying, source of the problem to make it right and better than it was before.

That's the AdvantEdge way

Fixing the Roof


AdvantEdge Roofing has you covered with over 30 years of experience. With the increasingly harsh weather fluctuations, from excessive heat, sub-zero temperatures, damaging winds, torrential rains & hail, to double-digit levels of snow, and ice creeping beyond normal levels of the rooflines, our midwestern roofs literally take a beating. If you don't know your roofer, or if the company is local, you could be left paying the price of realizing substandard applications or product with continued roof problems and wasted money.


This is your AdvantEdge 


As a local business owner, Randy takes every job personally as if it were his own home, his own building.  Randy is in business to support the community; rendering useful services.  Your residential or commercial roofing is his business, his name.  He handpicks his staff and crew, choosing those that mirror his beliefs and that adhere to his strict quality standards.

This is our AdvantEdge

Switching Roofs
Fixing the Roof


To protect your property while on the job, we install using only quality products and strict manufacturer's standards. Compare our roofing products and workmanship with the competition.  We put on your homes, what we would want for our homes. You can find us long after the job is done.  We are here, in your neighborhood, in your community, doing it right for you.


This is the AdvantEdge

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